Football Specialists Get a World Cup Fashion Makeover

FIFA fever has just begun and it is not leaving football pundits as well; this season, you can see them in shiny suits. Social media favorite David Beckham has already upped the ante. Fans can see David Ginola, Jake Humphrey, Manish Bhasin, Adrian Chiles, and Rio, and talk on new fashion rules and World Cup 2014 Best Odds. is offering £625 Daks Suit, £129 Boss Shirt, and £59.95Harry James Tie. Manish Bhasinis in Thom Sweeney blazer looked like a dapper; the 3-piece suit in an artfully layered windowpane checks look good on a charcoal colored sweater. The studio dressing room was lined with a range of shirts and suits along with designer shoes. The mirror wall above table was arranged with makeup sets and hairbrushes.

David Ginola, Bhasin, Chiles and Jake Humphrey are keen on modeling this season’s menswear. Not all soccer pundits are same; there are some experts, who just talk about football, while there are some who discuss about game and World Cup Odds while working on their looks, which in turn, echoes the evolution of British model.

Football is a hot game -managers and players operate on a different segment- these experts symbolized the bloke next door. “Chiles often voices what a lot of punters at home are thinking,” according to an ITV source.

Elgar Johnson, stylist believe that these punters look like a ‘dad going for a weekend roast with family’; Johnson said that these classic pundits do not look bad at all, as there are not much fancy going around. However, with World Cup 2014 odds looming and competition between hosts getting increased, the importance to dresses should be given.

There are many pundits, who think that looking stylish is mandatory; there was an era, when dressing wasn’t given so much importance, but now the bar has risen and looking at David Ginola dressing sense, people can actually feel jealous that he always looks good in his most incredible clotheshorse.

There are people like Chiles in the team, who have no knowledge about the fashion or trends; if asked about him on same issue, he stated – “Literally nothing. I haven’t got a clue.” And, his statement is cetainly true; though he wears pretty good suit or clothes, if asked where it comes from, he gives blank statement and he has to verify the label to specify the brand name!

Manish Bhasin in an unlined, unstructured, yet shapely suit looks quite confident about his style; £1,225Paul Smith Three-piece suit, £129 Richard James shirt, he knows how to deal with silhouette shirt and collar width.

Jake Humphrey in his Moncler jacket looked like model handsome and his jacket was purchased at Matches boutique, though he gives credit to his wife for frequent shopping. TV audience have different opinions says Humphrey; if anything other than dark jacket or white shirt is worn, there will be hundreds of comments flooding on social channels.

David Ginola is leading the association in his own terms; his look- jeans, leather jacket, and gorgeous watch makes him an undeniable star.